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Blood and Skulls

by Latro_ - 26th August, 2010

I am going to start using my blog as a platform to log my wargaming hobby endeavours as well as everything else. I was going to start a new blog for this but I barely update this one so thought this stuff can live here until it gets a life of its own, in which case i’ll start up a second blog.

Anyhoo might as well get it kicked off with what I am working on at the minute which is a World Eaters chaos space marine army which I have had lying about for a few years since I worked part time at Gamesworkshop. Back then I had a staff discount so this army is made up of some pretty expensive parts with some new additions here and there.

Here is a tester marine I painted, the aim of the army is to be pretty straightforward to paint, nothing fancy:

Heres a lord I have converted who’ll get used as a daemon prince (since lords royally suck)

Rhino i put together ages ago:

Land raider I finished chaosifying the other day:

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