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Warhammer 40k Advert – Humour

by Latro_ - 8th March, 2011

In my recent browsing of bell of lost souls i’v noticed a rather odd advert popping up for the new Dawn of war Warhammer 40k game.

BOLS is a great resource for gamers but they do love their ad space, fair play to them if they wanna make some extra cash out of their blog, anyone who buys gamesworkshops plastic crack knows a real crack habbit’d probably be cheaper.

Anyhoo here is the ad in question (they are random bols does not pick them). It is of a attractive enough alternative girl morphing into a geeky message and then onto the real ad for the game. I love how companies use a pretty face and a pair of tits to woe in hapless gamers time and time again online, the sad thing is it must work as they wouldn’t do it.

Here is the ad and under it is who they actually think they are targeting:

Dawn of war advert Dawn of war advert Dawn of war advert
Dawn of war advert Dawn of war advert Dawn of war advert
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