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Orks – Doubles Weekend 2012 Pt1

by Latro_ - 1st May, 2012

ork shoota boyz

My friend is heading back to the UK after a year in Australia and he mentioned the 40k doubles weekend gamesworkshop do a few times a year and if I wanted to go to the one in June/July. Its been ages since I even played 40k so in order to ‘get back into it’ I agreed and now the tickets are bought and its just a case of getting my 875pt army ready.

I have had my Blood Axe ork army for literally 8 years I think and i’v never finished it! shame on me I know. For the doubles weekend you can both take a 875pt army and my friend off the bat said he’d be taking an infantry based Imperial Guard force. This got me thinking my Blood Axe orks who are pretty pro-imperium would be a great fit and according to the weekend allies matrix they are grudging allies! whey.

ork shoota boyz 2

I’v decided to go with a ton of ork boyz (never a bad idea), some grots (because they are awesome) and a crap load of killa kans in the ‘kan wall’ formation as i’v heard great things about it but have never actually tried it.

You can view my army list here if you are interested. This with his force amounts to 150 infantry and 12 walkers! not your average¬†competitive¬†mech’d up army but we’re getting on a bit and having fun at these kinda events is the main thing.

I already have one of the two 24 ork mobs done and half half of the second one done, so really i’v just got 9 killa kans and the grots to build and paint, should be easy enough :D.


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