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I’v finished putting stuff together! eek.

by Latro_ - 21st June, 2012

Ok so i’v been bad, new computer games came out, people had birthdays, stag dos, following 6thed news etc and well i’m lazy anyway. As you can see while my partner has been busy painting 100 odd guardsmen i’v done sweet FA.

Well at least i’v now put all the models together, here have a pic of a grot lighting rokkits on his mate’s killa kan:

rokkit killa kan

Luckily I have a week off work next week, which is good because at the end of that week is the doubles weekend so i best get painting.

This force is part of an army i’v been doing for um, 9 years? heh so luckily I have a lot of the boyz done already.

To paint:

  • 15 grots + runtherd
  • 6 killa kans
  • 2 deffkoptas
  • big mek
  • 16 boyz







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