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How to paint plaguebearers quickly

by Latro_ - 21st February, 2011

Bit of a blog post on how to paint plaguebearers pretty quick. I haven’t been too active on the blogging front lately as computer games have taken over my soul but i’m trying to be a bit better and do more toy soldier stuff.

Update: Gamesworkshop have changed all of their paints, you can find the equivalentsĀ here

plague bearers 1
Prime them black and then, using a tank brush give them a all over coat of gretchin green and paint the wounds/pipe bits tallarn flesh

plague bearers 2
Then using a wide drybrush brus give them an all over drybrush of rotting flesh

plague bearers 3
Then paint the eyes blood red, the swords/rings boltgun metal, pickout some of the pimples with with a yellow and the teeth/horns/nails bleached bone

now for the magic

plague bearers 4
Give the model a good but not too thick coat of devlian mud wash and let it fully dry

plague bearers 5
Then finally do the same only use gryphonne sepia wash.

Then just a case of basing them up and job done! very quick and easy, not golden daemon but dont look bad either.





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