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40k News – Ork Bommers, Stormtalons, Necrons, eek

by Latro_ - 23rd May, 2012

Whoa, I noticed these a bit late tonight on the Internets and have ruthlesly stolen and uploaded them in a more search engine friendly way for the poor folks who dont read forums like a geek.

So it appears there will soon be a model for the Doom and Night Scythes for Necrons, a New flyer for the Space Marines called the Stormtalon and three! Ork flyers the Dakkajet, Burna-Bommer and Blitza-Bommer!

I’m really excited about the Ork releases! mainly because I play Orks but also that of the three they are the ones most deserving of a bit of love from Gamesworkshop. You’ll notice the words ‘Official update to codex orks‘ in one of the images to! that’s amazing as they wont be looked down on by gamers as much as a ‘only for fun’ kinda unit.

new 40k flyersnew necron doom scythe night scythenew ork bommer dakkajet burna bommernew flyer space marine stormtalon gunship

Of the other two i’m not so keen on the marine stormtalon, its a bit too clunky, kinda reminds me of one of those one man subs. The Necron ones are sweet, i’m really drawn to the latest Dark Eldar and Necron ranges, probably since they went such an overhaul. Should also use this opertunity to link to this Ninjabread post from a few weeks back :D.
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