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Foam in the UK

by Latro_ - 5th May, 2012

I’m not sure whats wrong with me today, its probably the hangover but the word foam does not look right. You know, when you write a word and it just seems odd? well that happening right now, anyway…

I got a foam tray I ordered today from a company called KR Multicase I know the Internet love Battlefoam but the sad truth (for now at least) is they have to charge a shocking price for shipping which kinda (for me anyway) makes buying small quantities of stuff from them not very viable.

I got this tray so I can pack the 9 Killkans i’ll be taking to the doubles weekend at GW HQ next month. KR were mentioned by a friend and I must say i’m impressed with the quality and the speed in which the package got here, was literally the next day! so checkem out.


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