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Orks and Kill Team

by Latro_ - 17th December, 2012

So I have taken a bit of a break from the marines to focus on a Kill Team for the Operation Protinus event at Warhammer World in Nottingham. I picked my orks as i have so many of them still to paint and thought the run up to this event would force me to get a load of them done – it did!

Here is my team:

Ork Kill Team with Mek and Lootasork-kill-teamork-kill-team-grots






As you can see I had quite a few models. Its basically Ten Grots, Ten Boyz and 5 Lootas (yes nid lootas!) one of which is a Mek. You can take 3 specialists (any special rule from the book) so for giggles I made one boy a Psyker, my nob arder with Feel no Pain and gave my Mek’s Kustom Mega Blasta large blast!

Here are a few photos from the event:
Grots vs Iron Warriors Bike
ork-kill-team-vs-chaos-bikeWeird Boy vs Chaos Bike ork-kill-team-grot-kills-necronork-kill-team-battle ork-kill-team-vs-daemons












It was a pretty fun day some highlights:

  • Red bandana grot – Basically rambo, killing a death mark with his blasta then the next game denying the with to Hemorage (which could of killed my entire army!) and then shooting the psyker back and wounding him!
  • Weird boy teleporting him self across the battlefield three games in a row! Useful since Linebreaker was part of the mission!
  • My Nob Killins nasty Necron Wraiths in hand to hand combat in two games against two different Necron armies.

Overall like every Warhammer World Event it was ran very very well. It was 8 games over the day 30mins each, this did make it a bit of a rush to play each one so I think they would be better off making it more like 40mins and 7 games but maybe i’m just old and slow!

I came 11th overall (10,11,12 hand same pts) and this would of been higher if not for a shockingly bad game against a damon player where i literally rolled 1’s for everything and he was… well of the more competitive side of the gaming mentality.

Overall was a great day and they are now going to make this a regular event:
Warhammer World Kill Team Events





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