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About is a blog focussing on Wargaming, more specifically those games and models produced by Gamesworkshop. Initially my personal blog began to get filled with a lot of wargaming ‘stuff’ so I decided to split it all out and create another blog which would entirly focus on this hobby. The name comes from that ‘ah he took a melta to the face’ that seems to crop up a lot in the community and I thought it sounded cool…

The site will hopefully cover lots of different aspects of ‘the hobby’ from tactics to painting, modelling to battle reports and everything in between. There might even be new authors contributing their own content over time, watch this space.

Technically the site is powered by WordPress, using a theme entirely developed from scratch by yours truly. I make my living as a Web Developer so hopefully everything works as it should :D.

If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know and enjoy the site.

happy gaming






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