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  1. Bedford UK – Wargaming Club

    by Latro_ - 7th April, 2013

    Just a quick post to let the world know about a wargaming club I am involved with in the Bedford area of the UK. We are called the Bedford Weird Boyz and have been going since October 2012, we play mainly 40K but have a wide range of other games on the go including card [&hellip – Read More…

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  2. Iron Hearts Space Marine Scouts and Devestators

    by Latro_ -

    So i’v actually been painting and have managed to finish my devastator squad and also paint a whole unit of scouts for my space marine army I am doing. I really under estimated how long scouts take to paint! It was a nightmare to get them done at a speed I was happy with.   [&hellip – Read More…

  3. Kill Team – Again! Operation Mortifico

    by Latro_ - 4th March, 2013

    So i’v been horribly lax at writing blog posts so I thought i’d get a quick one up about the operation mortifico event myself and a mate are going to at warhammer world in April. Basically we had so much fun at the last kill team event that we are going to this one as [&hellip – Read More…

  4. Ork Kill Team with Mek and Lootas

    Orks and Kill Team

    by Latro_ - 17th December, 2012

    So I have taken a bit of a break from the marines to focus on a Kill Team for the Operation Protinus event at Warhammer World in Nottingham. I picked my orks as i have so many of them still to paint and thought the run up to this event would force me to get [&hellip – Read More…

  5. Back! – Space Marines

    by Latro_ - 9th November, 2012

    So I’v not added a blog post from the summer, the ton of computer games that have come out have really put my hobby time on hold. I’m back into the swing of things now as i’v recently been involved with the setup of a local wargaming club. Sick of using my tired old Chaos [&hellip – Read More…

  6. My 40k doubles weekend experience

    by Latro_ - 2nd July, 2012

    So the doubles weekend is over and what a freaking blast that was! I ended up taking my chaos to the event as 1. i’m lazy and didnt paint the orks and 2. there was a chance i was gonna be playing by my self the first day as Borak had a job interview so [&hellip – Read More…

  7. I’v finished putting stuff together! eek.

    by Latro_ - 21st June, 2012

    Ok so i’v been bad, new computer games came out, people had birthdays, stag dos, following 6thed news etc and well i’m lazy anyway. As you can see while my partner has been busy painting 100 odd guardsmen i’v done sweet FA. Well at least i’v now put all the models together, here have a [&hellip – Read More…

  8. Warhammer 40K 6th Edition, so close you can smell it.

    by Latro_ - 28th May, 2012

    So you know its that time when Gamesworkshop pull the core rule book from the physical and online shelves that a new edition of the rules isa’comin. Had to look for my self this morning and the first thing that came into my geekfilled mind – Read More…

  9. 40k News – Ork Bommers, Stormtalons, Necrons, eek

    by Latro_ - 23rd May, 2012

    Whoa, I noticed these a bit late tonight on the Internets and have ruthlesly stolen and uploaded them in a more search engine friendly way for the poor folks who dont read forums like a geek. So it appears there will soon be a model for the Doom and Night Scythes for Necrons, a New [&hellip – Read More…

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  10. Foam in the UK

    by Latro_ - 5th May, 2012

    I’m not sure whats wrong with me today, its probably the hangover but the word foam does not look right. You know, when you write a word and it just seems odd? well that happening right now, anyway… I got a foam tray I ordered today from a company called KR Multicase I know the Internet love [&hellip – Read More…

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