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I started playing Warhammer 40K though school friends like a lot of veteran gamers. I think I started in like 1995/6 when a friend started playing Chaos Space Marines and I began with Space Wolves (it was nearly Orks). Since that time I have become a lot older (and wiser i hope) and have amassed a large collection of armies (some even painted!) of which I have settled on Orks and Chaos Space Marines as my favourites and main armies I game with.

I’d say i’m more of a gamer than painter but enjoy the hobby side when I get the urge/can be assed. I know its a common theme that a lot of wargamers have buckets of unpainted or even still boxed models! piled up so i’m not too ashamed that i’m a bit like this. I’m trying to go to more events as a push for me to actually get more stuff painted.

Other games I play are Necromunda, Space Hulk, I have a couple of fantasy armies but i’v never managed to get ‘into it’ as much as 40k.

My other hobbies include drinking plenty of beer, video games (big PC gamer), trying to get fit, rock gigs and general geeky computer based pursuits.

I can often be found on the Warseer forum, chatting about toy soliders far too much and far too often.







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