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  1. Sons of Horus Legion Champion-Painted with a sponge!!!!

    by Monkey Tom - 12th June, 2013

    After going to the Horus Heresy weekender Rhys and myself decided that we would both do 750pts of heresy era space marines in time for gamesday (We usually meet up the day before to play a few games). This is the first model for my Sons of Horus army. My Legion Champion. And as the [&hellip – Read More…

  2. Heart Breakers…… Week 6

    by Borak - 2nd July, 2012

    Well, the tournament is over and done with. 3 Draws and 2 wins isn’t a bad record. Especially when I was only present for the 2 wins ;). We ended up playing some fairly nasty lists on Sunday but, and I’ve no idea how, we ended up battering both lists with our cobbled together armies [&hellip – Read More…

  3. Heart Breakers Week 3, 4 & 5!!

    by Borak - 18th June, 2012

    Well, not posted on here for a while. Mainly because I’m in the belief that no one bloody well reads this anyway. Plus I’ve been busy. I’d like to say with normal activities like being sociable and things un-geeky but thats a lie….. All I’ve been doing is painting Guardsmen. I never want to see [&hellip – Read More…

  4. More Meat for the Grinder – Week Two.

    by Borak - 1st June, 2012

    Dispite be lazy and going down the pub far to often I’ve actually done another 20 blokesĀ believeĀ it or not. That should Shut Latro up…. The skin isn’t that ‘flat’ but otherwise the pics show them as they are…. If you’re wondering what the hell the white things on their helmets are……… They’re playing cards. The [&hellip – Read More…

  5. More meat for the Grinder

    by Borak - 29th May, 2012

    My First post in this weird and wonderful blog-land………..and I have no idea what 90% of these buttons do…. Anyway, enough small talk, this is the start of my army for the tournament in June (hey, I’m that dude going with Latro)……….. God knows we’re not going to win but hey, it’s not like we’re [&hellip – Read More…

  6. Monkey Tom’s – Dark Eldar

    by Monkey Tom - 4th May, 2012

    So a little while ago I caved and started a Dark Eldar army. I promised myself I wouldn’t but the model were way too nice not to! After flicking through the codex I couldn’t resist the colour scheme for the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. So, well, that’s what I went for. Unlike the main [&hellip – Read More…





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