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  1. Monkey Tom’s – Dark Eldar

    by Monkey Tom - 4th May, 2012

    So a little while ago I caved and started a Dark Eldar army. I promised myself I wouldn’t but the model were way too nice not to! After flicking through the codex I couldn’t resist the colour scheme for the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. So, well, that’s what I went for. Unlike the main [&hellip – Read More…

  2. How to paint plaguebearers quickly

    by Latro_ - 21st February, 2011

    Bit of a blog post on how to paint plaguebearers pretty quick. I haven’t been too active on the blogging front lately as computer games have taken over my soul but i’m trying to be a bit better and do more toy soldier stuff. Update: Gamesworkshop have changed all of their paints, you can find [&hellip – Read More…





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