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  1. More Meat for the Grinder – Week Two.

    by Borak - 1st June, 2012

    Dispite be lazy and going down the pub far to often I’ve actually done another 20 blokes believe it or not. That should Shut Latro up…. The skin isn’t that ‘flat’ but otherwise the pics show them as they are…. If you’re wondering what the hell the white things on their helmets are……… They’re playing cards. The [&hellip – Read More…

  2. More meat for the Grinder

    by Borak - 29th May, 2012

    My First post in this weird and wonderful blog-land………..and I have no idea what 90% of these buttons do…. Anyway, enough small talk, this is the start of my army for the tournament in June (hey, I’m that dude going with Latro)……….. God knows we’re not going to win but hey, it’s not like we’re [&hellip – Read More…

  3. Warhammer 40K 6th Edition, so close you can smell it.

    by Latro_ - 28th May, 2012

    So you know its that time when Gamesworkshop pull the core rule book from the physical and online shelves that a new edition of the rules isa’comin. Had to look for my self this morning and the first thing that came into my geekfilled mind – Read More…

  4. 40k News – Ork Bommers, Stormtalons, Necrons, eek

    by Latro_ - 23rd May, 2012

    Whoa, I noticed these a bit late tonight on the Internets and have ruthlesly stolen and uploaded them in a more search engine friendly way for the poor folks who dont read forums like a geek. So it appears there will soon be a model for the Doom and Night Scythes for Necrons, a New [&hellip – Read More…

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  5. Foam in the UK

    by Latro_ - 5th May, 2012

    I’m not sure whats wrong with me today, its probably the hangover but the word foam does not look right. You know, when you write a word and it just seems odd? well that happening right now, anyway… I got a foam tray I ordered today from a company called KR Multicase I know the Internet love [&hellip – Read More…

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  6. Monkey Tom’s – Dark Eldar

    by Monkey Tom - 4th May, 2012

    So a little while ago I caved and started a Dark Eldar army. I promised myself I wouldn’t but the model were way too nice not to! After flicking through the codex I couldn’t resist the colour scheme for the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. So, well, that’s what I went for. Unlike the main [&hellip – Read More…

  7. 40k Rumours – Chaos Space Marine Dragon!

    by Latro_ - 2nd May, 2012

    There are loads of rumours about the forthcoming (seemingly) new Chaos Space Marine codex, namely that one of the new units is a dragon of sorts! I immediately had to image bash what my mind created upon hearing this slighly hard to believe rumour. behold! If you want a more serious take on the Chaos Space Marine [&hellip – Read More…

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  8. Orks – Doubles Weekend 2012 Pt1

    by Latro_ - 1st May, 2012

    My friend is heading back to the UK after a year in Australia and he mentioned the 40k doubles weekend gamesworkshop do a few times a year and if I wanted to go to the one in June/July. Its been ages since I even played 40k so in order to ‘get back into it’ I [&hellip – Read More…

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  9. The Scourged Chaos Space Marine Havocs Squad 1

    by Latro_ - 7th July, 2011

    Just finished a chaos space marine havoc squad for the Scourged army I am doing, Just gotta do the bases. Its shocked me a bit how time consuming painting can be when you do a traditional paint job (e.f. no drybrush/wash), espcially with chaos space marines as they have so much extra detail over normal [&hellip – Read More…

  10. The Scourged Chaos Space Marine Chosen

    by Latro_ - 20th June, 2011

    Just a unit of chaos marine chosen I have put together for a small ‘The Scourged’ army I am doing. The whole army is made from bits really, I was gonna make all these guys running but ran out of legs! the heads are from Maxmini to make them look a bit unique from the [&hellip – Read More…





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