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  1. Ork Kill Team with Mek and Lootas

    Orks and Kill Team

    by Latro_ - 17th December, 2012

    So I have taken a bit of a break from the marines to focus on a Kill Team for the Operation Protinus event at Warhammer World in Nottingham. I picked my orks as i have so many of them still to paint and thought the run up to this event would force me to get [&hellip – Read More…

  2. The Scourged Chaos Space Marine Havocs Squad 1

    by Latro_ - 7th July, 2011

    Just finished a chaos space marine havoc squad for the Scourged army I am doing, Just gotta do the bases. Its shocked me a bit how time consuming painting can be when you do a traditional paint job (e.f. no drybrush/wash), espcially with chaos space marines as they have so much extra detail over normal [&hellip – Read More…

  3. The Scourged Chaos Space Marine Chosen

    by Latro_ - 20th June, 2011

    Just a unit of chaos marine chosen I have put together for a small ‘The Scourged’ army I am doing. The whole army is made from bits really, I was gonna make all these guys running but ran out of legs! the heads are from Maxmini to make them look a bit unique from the [&hellip – Read More…

  4. The Scourged Chaos Space Marines

    by Latro_ - 7th June, 2011

    I’m starting a new army again! oh dear. Did a test model based on the scourged, a legion in the chaos space marines codex who have a bit of a Tzeentch theme going on. Its mainly just an army to use up some old models I have lying about and i’d like to have a [&hellip – Read More…

  5. More Khorne Berzerkers

    by Latro_ - 8th March, 2011

    Just a few more Khorne Berzerkers for my World Eaters army. Its coming along, i might actually finish an army! – Read More…

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  6. Warhammer 40k Advert – Humour

    by Latro_ -

    In my recent browsing of bell of lost souls i’v noticed a rather odd advert popping up for the new Dawn of war Warhammer 40k game. BOLS is a great resource for gamers but they do love their ad space, fair play to them if they wanna make some extra cash out of their blog, [&hellip – Read More…

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  7. Khorne Daemon Prince

    by Latro_ - 6th March, 2011

    Just finished up this chap as a bit of a quick paint daemon prince for my world eaters army just gotta do the base – Read More…

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  8. World Eaters Dreadnought

    by Latro_ - 6th October, 2010

    Just finished a khorney forge world dreadnought for my slowy but surely getting painted world eaters army – Read More…

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  9. Khorne Berzerkers

    by Latro_ - 10th September, 2010

    Trying not to use my blog to spam 40k stuff but meh will put stuff up as it is painted. Here be the mini squad of khorne berzerkers that go in the rhino – Read More…

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  10. World Eaters Rhino

    by Latro_ - 5th September, 2010

    Just finished one of the world eaters rhinos, pretty simple theme i’m going for nothing fancy – Read More…

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